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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Friday Friday

On most Fridays I am here all alone cleaning things up and puttering around on my own.
But on this particular Friday Daughter was not feeling well and her children did not have school, so she came over in the afternoon with three of them so we could have coffee while the kids played. They have friends in our neighborhood, so besides playing outside Famke and the neighbor girl down the street played and crafted together.
They had seen the amazing leaf fairies that Hertsje had made so they wanted to try their hand at that.
The neighbor girl also made me that dog you see in the picture.  It is made of bits of paper all taped together.  She is SEVEN, and possesses amazing creativity.
She also loves my house and wants everything in it!  So, of course, I find her to be a fun child to have around, because I certainly do not get that from my family. I'm just saying.

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