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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let the Decorating Begin!

No, I haven't gone crazy decorating for Christmas.
Our house actually works the best with fall colors, so we do not like to rush that on out of here.
But, since it is very likely that after an unseasonably warm Friday this week, snow will be headed our way for Saturday.
That means I must be ready for winter things.
And if I must be ready for that, how could I NOT do so with my decorating also?
I found these itsy bitsy skaters this summer.
I have itsy bitsy plans for them too!
The four actual figures are metal.
They are already skating on a new rink made from a tiny mirror.
It's also time that I brought up my snowmen mugs and dishes.
That always makes me sooo excited.
I have no idea why that is, but it's true.
And see that bottle brush tree below, the one with the tiny bead ornaments on it?
I found that on sale at an antique mall for a great price.
The very same mall had newer bottle brush trees for sale for a whole lot more than I paid for this one, and the tag even told me that the star on top was a recent addition.
So, once the grand kids have their fill of playing with these trees, I'll be putting them all around to make the inside a winter wonderland too.
And joy of joys!
I found the Dutch boy cookie jar to match the Dutch girl cookie jar that I have had for a few years now.
I had to wait for him to go on sale, so I wasn't sure he would still be there when I went back for him.
But he waited!  He waited for ME!

He is my Christmas present.
My very own Dutch boy said that I could have him for Christmas if I wanted him that badly.
And I did.
I'll put a bow on him or something.
So everyone will know.
Next up I shall be filling a wooden bowl with Christmas stamps so I can make tags and things as I go.
I say this every year.
It rarely happens.
But, I don't let little things like that stop me from being hopeful for this season.
You just never know.
Someday it may happen, and if it ever does, I'll be ready for it.
You don't know either.


Mitzi said...

You find the best treasures!

Tournesol said...

The Dutch boy is adorable, I'm sure he waited for you.