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Monday, November 14, 2016

This Is SOOO Embarrassing to Admit

Isn't this an adorable picture of Feintje and Broeder?
I cannot take credit for it, as it was taken by Jonge, who has a great eye.
After trudging through the woods at John Ball Park for our annual Fall Family Photo, we trudge back out to a play ground in the park where we also celebrated Daughter-in-law2's 30th birthday!
So what is so embarrassing about that, you might ask?
Well, it has to do with the CAMERA that Jonge used to catch this fabulous shot of his little brother and his cousin sailing down a twisty slide together.
Not this past summer, but the summer before I was sitting in my driveway with my up north sister while we watched the kids all playing happily together. A few of them where watching a cicada shed its skin on a nearby tree.
I had my GOOD camera on my lap when I made the ridicules decision to stand up.  My camera fell straight down onto its lens on the cement driveway.
From that moment on I could never get it to focus again.
After monkeying around with it for a few days I started to believe that what I have always thought was indeed true.
I just cannot have nice things.
So, I put my camera into its case like a body wrapped in a shroud and closed it into a drawer-like crypt.
Then, fast forward nearly a year and a half and my computer catches a virus which wipes out all my picture files. I'm not happy about this, but I remember that I just cannot have nice things.
Daughter asked if I wanted her to take my computer to Son-in-law to see if he could wipe it clean and maybe attempt to save the files.
As she left she said she might as well take my camera too and he could also look at that.
He did those things.
He eliminated the virus from my computer, but could not get beyond the encryption.
But the camera?
There wasn't anything wrong with it.
Nothing at all.
It had just slipped into a setting I had never used before when it fell.
So there you have it.  I am a blooming idiot.
This comes as no surprise to Son-in-law, but he is a good man and didn't say that.  At least not to my face.
So, YAY, I have my camera back!
But I'm feeling like my fragile self-esteem has been encrypted with the "blooming idiot" virus, which may also be difficult if not impossible to remove.

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