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Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow Day!

Today was the very first snow day of the season.
The first four grand kids arrived at 8:30.
They could not wait to get outside and into all that snow.
I looked out my living room window and could not figure out why they were doing this.

Carrying snow clumps from the front yard...
down the side walk...
and piling them onto the swing.
I asked, and they said a lot of words, but I could not tell from those words what the point of it was.
I told them that they could NOT pile them there, but could use them to build a fort or something somewhere else.
Anywhere else, really.
(Why on the swing?)
They DID remove them, but they were not happy about it.
Now we have a fort of sorts between the sidewalk and the road.
It is complete with very pointy icicles pointing skyward in a menacing fashion.
It will probably be there until April.
Oh, snow days.

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