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Monday, December 05, 2016

St Nicholas Party Part Two

Not only did we enjoy our gift baskets and taco bar, we watched the Claymations Christmas special from 1987 (it still seems new to me!) and the Garfield Christmas special.  These have become St. Nicholas traditions.
AND it was the first time this season we have had measurable snow here, so that REALLY added to the Christmas-y feeling.
But that still isn't all!
We decorated Christmas cookies too.
Daughter made them earlier, so all we needed to do was fancy them up!
I think this may be the favorite tradition to those under the age of eleven.
And they were DELICOUS!
Sometimes the "boys" got a bit crazy punching each other, but all in good fun.
Cookie decorating is SERIOUS work.
Seriously FUN work!
 Some people even got their cookies PERSONALIZED with their very own name.
Oh yes, this is a GREAT tradition.
I suggest you start it too.
Even if it is just you and one other person.
Because I said so. 

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