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Thursday, January 05, 2017


For most of this week it has been TOO cold for outdoor recess at school.

When they arrive here they want to play outside for a bit.

It's hard to deny them. They are healthy Michigan children who don't let a little thing like freezing cold wind and snow stop them from having fun outside.

I still cannot understand why they are so delighted to travel down the street to pick up chunks of ice from other people's driveways and bring them to ours.

This one was offered to me like a gift. How do you say no to an adorable face like that?

I opened the door to hear an excited voice exclaim "LOOK! It's ICE!"
I do not like ice. Not even in my Diet Coke. But I didn't tell him that though, as he was thrilled like only a seven year old can be.

While I was trying desperately to appear to be admiring the chunk of ice, I noticed the younger iceman looked a bit stressed.

I asked if anything was wrong.

He told me that he had to go potty but he didn't want to stay inside after he took all of his snow stuff off.

I assured him that he didn't have to. We would figure out a way to go potty without removing all his gear.

It's nice to have a bathroom near the back door.  And a kitchen/bathroom floor that I just don't care what happens to.

Little blessings, right?

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Rebecca said...

Smiling here - Both incidents are SO special.