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Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Monday!

So, of course, we made things!

Hertsje and I again perused Pinterest where we found a drawing of a cute little girl that she wanted to try.
She still doesn't have much interest in drawing them herself, but she does enjoy coloring the ones that I attempt.
I enjoy all of it, so that isn't a problem for me!
Over the weekend I moved things around in the guest room, so we now have an art table in there that looks out the window.
Which might be lovely on a day when it isn't raining.

Hertsje is good at giving me ideas to make my pictures better, and she is nearly always spot on.
She also tells me when it is time to just erase ALL of it.
My goal for myself is to be able to do drawings or sketches QUICKLY.
I have no idea why that is. I'm not going anywhere.
It just seems weird to spend a lot of time on something that will remain in a pile somewhere until it eventually gets thrown out.
Anyway.., a good time was had by both of us!
After our time of making things Hertsje wanted to play in the doll room in the basement.
Rainy days and Mondays don't ALWAYS get me down, but rainy days and Mondays in JANUARY spent in a gloomy basement? Well, that might do it. So, I said no.
Hertsje didn't miss a beat in saying:
If you don't play in the basement with me, I will never do crafts with you again.
She knows what buttons to push, that girl.

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