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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kado's Sleep-over

A few of the grand kids still like to dig through the toy closet.
Kado is one of them.
He brought out the Tinker Toys and made all manner of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle type weaponry.
I fashioned a cage for his new stuffy he named Tiggs.
We both made some pretty awesome stuff, if I do say so myself.
Kado has an incredible imagination.
He also created a guy he named Gerald.
Not sure why he named him Gerald, but he did.
This is actually Gerald II, as the first Gerald got a Tinker Toy stuck in his nose, which poked out the back of his head in a way that Kado could not abide.
So, meet Gerald II.
But the weather was just too amazing to spend the day inside fashioning cages, weapons, and guys out of Tinker Toys.
Kado also loves to roller blade.
So, he did a lot of that.
Later in the afternoon he met up with his brothers and cousins to see the new Batman Lego movie.
There are so many exciting things to do when you are seven!
Oh, and look!
The school down the street is finished now!
The sign went up yesterday.
This is actually the view from the back.
Oh, and I see Kado roller blading in that picture.
(i also just noticed that he is not wearing his helmet. this is not allowed.)

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