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Friday, April 14, 2017

Random Thoughts from Judy at Anybody Home

Oh goody! Another post of random thoughts!
These random thoughts are happening on account of the simple fact that I am SUPPOSED to be cleaning my house for entertaining 20 for Easter Dinner and an egg hunt on Sunday.
I was more diligent about cleaning my house when my mom was coming over. She attempted to raise me to be neat and tidy, and to NEVER go to bed or leave the house with even ONE dirty spoon in the sink. I don't know WHAT happened. I used to think I was rather organized, but apparently it was early conditioning that I have of late outgrown.
So, my first random thought is this: I would not mind cleaning at all if things stayed clean! No more on that one, because things do not EVER stay clean and I will just have to learn to deal with it. So far, that isn't going so well...
2 - I have developed a spring cold. I had no intentions of doing that, but it hit me rather hard yesterday. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch while attempting to stop my nose from running. But Hertsje was here and she had wonderful ideas of things for us to do. Watching TV was not one of them. So, I let her go crazy making individual doll/stuffed animal beds ALL OVER my living room. She had a blast, and entertained herself very well why I sniffed and snorted and whined. What I lack in tidiness I make up for in my ability to whine like a pro. I'm fun like that.
3 - But so far, I have not gotten the flu which turned into a severe sinus infection that THGGM had a couple of weeks ago. It was awful. He missed four days of work in a row, which has NEVER happened in his entire working life. The man just does not get sick. That's always been my gift. But, I did not get it, and this cold better not be the start of it! Because it is FINALLY spring and I intend to enjoy it! Oh, and yes, just two weeks before THGGM got the flu, I said no to a flu shot, but yes to the pneumonia shot. I pretty much thought when THGGM got the flu that I certainly would too, but I did not! Although next year I can assure you we will be among the first in line to get a flu shot!
4 - Look, I never said I was going to post INTERESTING random thoughts. Nope. So, in light of that, I'd also like to note that I have not dropped any more weight. Even though I spent nearly two weeks fighting off some weird sort of intestinal bug. I'd think that my symptoms might have been caused by my total change of eating habits, but Hertsje has had this for awhile too, and I've heard of other people suffering from it also. It's nasty. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Well, except for that guy from N Korea.
5 - Anyway.., the first day that it hit me, I had FIVE grand kids here on the first day of Spring Break! And I was feeling exceptionally well, even ready to have lots of fun with them. But then it came on SUDDENLY, SEVERELY, and UNRELENTINGLY. If I had been out in public, I would have just laid down and died. I am not kidding you, I would have, but most likely someone out in public would have killed me first to put me out of my misery. Of all the things I learned that day the one I choose to remember is how Jonge came though in an emergency, because there is no other way to describe this than as an emergency. First I had to get his attention, as he was playing a video game by himself while the other four kids were playing an intense game of Dad, Mom, Big Kid, and either Puppy or Kitty. I know this because I had to settle a fight over who got to go first being either the Puppy or the Kitty. Five year olds can be stubborn little souls about things like that, and we had just agreed to terms of taking turns that seemed to please them both (slightly). So, they were off in a different room. Thankfully, no children were witness to the horror going on in their grandmother's life at the time it was actually going on. I was able to alert Jonge by pounding on a wall.  I told him the very least he needed to know to get help. He brought me clean clothes (i will never speak again of what actually happened, but your guess could not possible be bad enough), they didn't last long though. Ugh. Anyway, I also needed to have him call his mom at work. The wonderful thing about 11 year olds is that they are capable children. He came through in my crisis like a champ! Not only did he need to LOCATE my cell phone, he needed to locate the charger, CHARGE IT, and know his mom's cell phone number, which like any bright child, he has memorized. To make a really long gross story short, he called her, she called her brother, and all five kids were picked up by responsible parents who removed them to a much less germy environment.
6 - So, lest you think that was ALL that happened. Haha. Welcome to MY world, where the interest is compounded when it comes to disasters of epic proportions.While dancing an odd sort of dance to my bedroom to look around for ANOTHER set of clothing, I thought it might be wise to change bathrooms, to one closer to clean clothes. This seemed wise. I noticed that it did look like the last person to use this bathroom did not flush. Oh, they had. It was just CLOGGED. And by my flushing it the pretty pink toilet in my pretty pink bathroom with the pretty pink tile on the walls and floors FLOODED! And I mean FLOODED GOOD! It did NOT want to stop running, and in my ill and addled state I stood on an icy cold pink tiled floor while the water rose about my ankles! All I could manage was to wiggle the handle, pray for mercy, and throw down every towel I could reach to sop it up! Then, I retreated back to the other bathroom, you know, where the plunger lives and wondered if things like this only happen to me, or are there others also this lucky.
7 - Well, I felt really weird for the rest of the day. Slept most of the next day, and felt GREAT after that. Back to normal. Or so I thought. On Sunday afternoon, it all repeated itself! Ugh. You should know that I haven't left my house since Sunday. I'm more than a little afraid to go anywhere. Actually, terrified sort of sums it up.
8 - Oh, I also have developed a horrible rash. That seems to be from eating two eggs everyday. So this week I have been staying away from eggs. That isn't too hard to do, as I don't even like them, but they are a main component to my low carb way of eating that I'm running out of things to eat! Hopefully I will be able to add them back, just not two a day.
9 - I do realize that nobody wants to know these things. But really, in my world this has been all it's been about. I am boring. I like to draw. I like to make stuff. I'm afraid to go places.
10 - Thankfully I am surrounded by loving family. Jonge, who while he was waiting for his mom to show up last Monday gathered all the kids into the living room to play a lively game of Hang-Man so they wouldn't get into any trouble while I was incapacitated. THGGM who goes places by himself until I get over this fear of exploding in public, and my dear brother-in-law, who told me he saw a box of Depends at a thrift store and would be willing to go back to get them for me! That's love, I tell you.
I probably won't keep this post up for long. I cannot imagine that I will EVER want to relive this sorry episode of my life.


Rebecca said...

Oh, dear.
This gives new meaning to the word "epic"!
Trying to use current event terminology to apply - {The Mother of All Bombs - MOAB, for instance....
What do you think?
Hope it all passes quickly.
No pun intended.
Seriously sorry, I am.

Debra said...

Oh no! What a horrible, terrible, no good week. (And I thought I was having a rough one, but your post made my week look like one long picnic.) I'll be praying these next days will be soo much better! Hang in there..... Debra

Unknown said...

Oh my! Sorry you had such a hard week. But thank goodness you have family to care about you. I had an episode like that at WORK once! After yelling from the restroom to get someone's attention, a coworker brought my jacket so I could wrap myself and slink out the back door. I did not want to go back, but hey, such is life when you are over 50.

Feel better, Joyce