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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Old Is New Again

Last weekend we went on a journey to an antiques store along the lake shore.
THGGM had found THE last piece of furniture he will EVER want. A piece he has been looking for his whole life.
At least that is what he told me.
I told him he would have to make a list of anything else he has been looking for his whole life.
He assured me there would be nothing else after this.
Yes. He says he is done now.
I, on the other hand, make no such promises.
My whole life I've been looking for little bits of this and that that make my heart sing when I see them, AND see the low low price they are being sold for, with bonus points for being vintage or having a Dutch theme.
That's the trifecta for me!
This piece is lovely, and don't get me wrong, I do LOVE it.
And the secretary that was in this spot has found a new home in our den.
I filled this up with green books, and the two Royal Bayreuth pitches with sailing vessels that THGGM has. A third one will take it's place on the top shelf tonight.
The glass in each pane is the original glass from the 1800's.
It has that really cool wavy effect of old glass.
THGGM noticed the price on this piece.
He realized it was a fantastic price, but out of our reach for a piece of furniture.
So, without even thinking it would be excepted, he called awhile after he had seen it to ask if they would except a certain price for it.
The shop owner said she highly doubted it but she would call the booth owner to ask.
THGGM got a call 45 minutes later saying that she WOULD except his offer. A VERY low offer.
That sent THGGM scrambling to find a way to transport it home.
He and Youngest Son wrangled it inside and got it all set up and I set to work filling it with treasure!
It is a plantation desk which opens just above the two drawers into a writing surface.

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Very cool!! 🙂