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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Afternoon, Summer Afternoon...

Saturday was THE perfect summer afternoon.
Hertsje worked on her "flips" with only minimal help from her daddy.

Broeder took swimming lessons this summer, so all the grand children know the basics of staying afloat.
There was even time for relaxing "girl talk" between Famke and Hertsje.

These two have always gotten along "swimmingly".

Age doesn't seem to play as much of a role in the pool as it sometimes does on dry land. Although these girls have a lot of common interests.

Feintsje likes to add style to his jumps.

On Thursday the kids pulled the mini trampoline up to the pool, got a good running start and jumped right in over the side!  I did not get in pictures of that, but there is still time.

One more week of summer vacation!

Then, Jonge will be a sixth grader, and in MIDDLE SCHOOL!
Famke will be in fifth grade
Kado in third.
Feintsje goes off to first grade.
Hertsje begins full-time kindergarten.
And Broeder goes to pre-school!

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