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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Willing Workers

 These two guys helped Pake put up a piece of fencing!

Jonge dug two holes for the posts.
They had to be 28 inches deep.
He worked diligently at it for most of the day.
On his occasional breaks, Feintje stepped up to give him a hand.

This hole was a bit harder.
There were a lot of rhododendron roots to dig through.
But these two did NOT give up!
With grit and determination they persevered.
And now we have a lovely decorative fence for our wicker furniture to hide behind.
Before, the chairs looked like they were going to float off somewhere.
The fence anchors them.
Or so we think.
These guys are AMAZING workers, and they actually WANT to work.
And Pake is more than willing to keep finding things for them to do!

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