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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Beautiful Fall Weather

Wow. This weekend. The weather could NOT have been better!
So, I watched sheets dry in the breezy warm sunshine, noticed the leaves as they fell, all while drinking FROZEN coffee.

I also had a book, of course. But it was deep, requiring me to look up from it from time to time to remind myself of what a beautiful yet humble backyard I have to enjoy all of this in.

Also? Fall smells AMAZING. 

But if you think this is all just a bit too perfect, as THGGM removed the sheets from the line he pointed out a rabbit carcass not more than a yard from where he is standing.

Oh.., I took pictures, for sure. This is NOT our first rabbit kill discovered in that same area. It looks as if our fenced in yard can be accessed by either a fox or a coyote, which I am told are not uncommon at all in our neighborhood.

I really love wildlife. But at a greater distance than this. 

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