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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Adult Children

I absolutely LOVE having adult children.

Except for this one thing.

Trying to get them all together to take 'the annual October family snapshot'.

I think we have it down to Sunday afternoon.

Oldest Son and Daughter-in-law are coming from Illinois.

Daughter and Son-in-law are available.

Youngest Son will be going to Cleveland, but will hurry home Sunday to be in the picture.

With only two missing years (one was a bad year, and another I lost the film) I have a snapshot of THGGM with the kids beginning when Daughter was one week old. Youngest Son didn't exist yet.

This is nothing fancy, just a family tradition.

I've found that if I line up all the pictures just so, and flip through them quickly, I can watch them all grow up.

It went that fast.


It went that fast.


Jill said...

I do something similar. I have someone take a pic every September of my youngest child, Noah, with me, by a Sweet Autumn clematis next to our garage. I hope to do this as long as possible, perhaps til we're 80 and 46 yrs old. I suppose that means someone in the family will have to own this house til then. Or we'll just sneak onto a stranger's property and take the snap and run...

I got the idea from that Time Life book of interesting photographs - the father/daughter snaps at the same beach.

Heather said...

What a great idea! The only pic I've been regular about is first day of school - on the front steps. Oh, and my kids and nieces and nephews always get new pajamas from Grandma for Christmas, so we have a series of Christmas pj pics going back 9 years.

jared said...

Don't know why I'm telling you this except that I thought it was funny, but I must have read your title too quickly, because I started reading the post wondering what it had to do with "Adult Chickens."

That'll teach me to slow down!

Judy said...

Well, Jared, I DO have a post farther down about chickens.

Adult chickens would be just as difficult to gather for a photo shoot, I'm sure.

thicket dweller said...

Sounds wonderful, except that I hate hearing that people actually do this stuff successfully. ;-) My children are growing very quickly, too, and I haven't done those yearly photos like I should. I did just take a few black and whites of the two youngest tonight and hope to do the others tomorrow. I'd love to have yearly family photos, though--like you say, nothing fancy, just photos. And Fall is a lovely time to do it.