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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Week Ago Today...

...the 'Husband God Gave Me' and I were in Wisconsin on vacation. The weather was beautiful, the leaves were beautiful, the company was beautiful. On Thursday we went to the lovely little town of Greendale. 'Taste of Home' has an outlet store there, along with a flower-lined street of quaint little shops.

In the Taste of Home shop I got six hardcover cookbooks, a few magazines and a queen size quilt all for less than thirty dollars.

But, what I was really excited about was going to 'The Quilting Bee', a shop we visited last year when we were there. I knew that they sold pieces of wool for felting, and I wanted to get as much as I could to make some more felt pins. I shared my excitment with THGGM. Going to a fabric store tends not to be in his plans.

Six of us were in the Taste of Home outlet. THGGM got bored, so took our purchases to the car. My cousin left to bring her stuff to the car too. My aunt, mom, and dad were still sniffing out bargains. I went to find THGGM. I didn't find him.

This is a small town. One could not possible get lost there (remember this, as it is important information). I walked down the street a bit to make sure that the fabric store was still there. It was. I still couldn't find THGGM, so I entered the fabric store, assuming that he had been listening when I went on and on about how excited I was to go there. Oh, silly me.

I must have been in the quilting store for about 15 minutes. It is a leisurely sort of store. The women who work there do not seem to be in a hurry. I looked for the wool I was after, but didn't find it. I asked. They were happy to help me. But, not in any sort of a hurry. I made my choices of color, and went to pay. Still, these ladies were chatty - interested in what I wanted to do with the wool - moving at a slow, classy fabric store sort of pace.

When suddenly, bursting through the door of the demure shop known as 'The Quilting Bee' comes THGGM, speaking in a much louder voice than any of the quilting bee ladies or any of their customers have most likely ever spoken, and proclaims, "THERE YOU ARE!!! I WAS ABOUT TO CALL THE POLICE TO REPORT YOU MISSING!!!"

I am forty-seven years old, but for a moment last Thursday, I felt like I was five again.

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Elizabeth said...

Sigh...isn't it amazing how long these men live with us and STILL cannot figure out what we will likely do in a situation...sometimes my own hubby never ceases to amaze me...after 33 years...still out to lunch sometimes....