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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It Happened One Friday...

My sister got married!
It was truly a lovely occasion and we are ALL so happy for the two of them.

The reception was wonderful also.
I took a lot of pictures.
Most of them had some man in the family holding a baby.
It's a theme around here.
The men do love babies!

We all seem to like weddings too!

But look who didn't make it to the wedding.
My dad.
He is back in the hospital with pneumonia. Again. His doctor says he will be there for at least another week.
As the senior member of this family, he likes weddings and babies too. And, he felt really bad to miss his oldest daughter's special day.
Hopefully he will be up and at 'em for the next wedding!
Hope. It's a wonderful thing!


Karen said...

Weddings and babies. I can't think of happier occasions. So sorry your dad couldn't make it. I hope he bounces back quickly.

Pat said...

You are experience all of lifes passages...at once, from caring for grandbabies to caring for elderly parents. Plus, you are blessed enough to have weddings thrown in for laughter and good food!
I pray your dad gets better soon, I must say, even in the hospital picture, he looks very good!

daisymarie said...

Ah, men and babies! Looks like a good time was had by all...almost.

MissKris said...

How distinguished your new b-i-l looks! This photo makes me think of him as the maestro of a grand philharmonic orchestra!

So sorry to hear about your Dad! The Lord knows, tho.