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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Early Sunday Morning on the Back Porch

Who would have thought?
It's early in this picture.
That's THGGM reading me a 'funny part' from Dumas' The Three Musketeer's.
We've both been talking a bit odd lately (lately?) as he is reading Dickens and Dumas and I am reading Bronte' and Austen.
We just cannot 'quit this'.
Oh, well.
I talked to my dad this morning and he had had a very bad night with hallucinations again. This happens EVERY time he takes a particular antibiotic. 'They' say this doesn't happen, that it's from the pneumonia, but WE know differently. The doctor on call today told me that he is making improvements but that it will be a very sloooow process. Improvements are good.
I, who am NOT taking an antibiotic, had a weird dream last night. In the dream I was riding a cow trying to round up Jonge and Famke who had wandered off into a field somewhere. Over a ridge, I think. The cow was slow, and they were fast. Interpreting dreams could be quite fun, one would imagine, but I think this one came straight from a picture on Daughter's Facebook of Jonge and Famke sitting on a cow statue at Binder Park Zoo. Well, that and waaaay too much caffeine in the evening.
My plans have all changed. If you know me well, I do not handle change well. Well, actually, I do not handle change AT ALL. Except for the money kind. Because when it comes to money, all I have is change. Which seems to sum up my life lately, too. Some change we don't talk about.
This week I had three appointments scheduled with my dad, and two that I still had to fit in somewhere. Instead, tomorrow I shall be cancelling three appointments, and wondering when in the world I will be able to get him to FIVE appointments. Not that I'm complaining. I want nothing more than for him to get better and come home.
Next week Daughter goes back to work. She works part time. EXCEPT for next week, when she will be working six days.
Can you feel it? That weird feeling? Like, the world is spinning faster and faster and I am sitting on a giant plastic cow that will not move! And.., everything else.., it's moving farther and farther away from me...
And, on a lighter note. I got a new camera. It's a Nikon Coolpix that ended up costing under $13.00. I haven't had time to properly read through the book, but today I did shoot random pictures throughout the house (i really need to dust!).
I brought it along to the hospital, thinking that while my dad napped I could look over the book and the camera. All that did was cause my dad to worry. He cannot accept the fact that his baby is 51 years old and cannot see a thing unless I lay my nose upon it. He is SURE there is a doctor who could fix this for me. Soooo, I put the camera and book down and we watched a Fox Sports station that had dogs riding surf boards. I don't care WHAT the announcer said, the dogs did NOT look like they were having fun.
It was a fun weekend. Busy. But fun.
And now I shall move along, doing whatever it is that I do.
What DO I do?
I don't know.
(just ignore the screaming. i'll be fine. really, i will.)


MissKris said...

Hmmmmmm....did I write this entry?! I must've. You're echoing exactly how I feel.


Jill said...

I'm sorry your world is spinning and that your dad is ill :( I pray things get better fast, this very week!

DH is also not quick to change. I am, which baffles and probably amuses him, as long as my change doesn't effect him!

I am also reading Bronte right now: Villete, by Charlotte. It's good, not as good as Jane Eyre, but well-written and interesting. She's focusing a lot on the people not involved in the romance I hope to see happening. I'm half-way through, which is a feat, as I'm not good at sitting still...

Marguerite said...

Oh, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe I need better glasses.

Actually, I know I need different glasses but there no time to schedule that appointment right now.

Sympathy on everything. You're in my prayers. Someday life will be boring again. I love a boring life.

Pat said...

What don't dr.'s listen to people...after all, we're not stupid...duh! I had been coughing for so long, I thought I was a gonner...then the dr. realized the blood pressure medicine she prescribed made me cough. Again I say...duh.
How in the world did you get a camera for $13? I just bought a Nikon cooopix P90 and I paid $$$! Really, it actually cost me $$$.
Keep bloging, it helps to relieve the pressure in life..at least it helps me when I read your blog!

Debra said...

I could so identify with this. Time is spinning out of control for me, too. My weeks feel like Monday, Wednesday, Sunday... and that's all. And my over-40 eyes are pathetic. And I can't remember what I told myself to remember 2 minutes ago. Sigh.

So, I guess I'm just dropping by to assure you that you are not alone! :) Hang in there... Hugs, Debra