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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fine Find

This weekend THGGM and I went antique looking.
He was unable to find anything in his price range ($0.00).
I found this!
We'd gone with the idea that we were 'just looking'.
But, I found this plate.
Do you not also think that it is cute?
I KNEW you would.

It has a nice stamp on the bottom.

I've seen plates with barely recognizable graphics in them go for $35.00 or more.
So, when I turned it over I was shocked to see that it was only $7.00.
Quite possibly, 'babies toting guns' isn't a popular motif for collectors of vintage baby items.

I like it.

I really really like it.


Pat said...

"Bye bye baby bunting
daddy's gone a hunting
to get a little rabbit skin
to wrap his baby bunting in".

I like it too! My mom used to recite this to her grands!

Karen said...

This reminds me, I have my kids baby plates and plan to display them. No, I suppose babies hunting would not be a theme you would see today. Such a sweet little dish!

MissKris said...

I remember that poem also! And I love that plate! What a find!

Jill said...

That's sweet. I have Peter Rabbit one like it, insulated. But it's a repro. THat's pretty off to see a baby w/ a gun. I guess it's a pop gun