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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Tried to Leave a Message

It appears that besides being a collector of whatever is cheap and strikes my fancy, I am a sentimental collector.
Hence, the telephone.
It reminds me of my grandma.
Hers was a bit different. I do not think that the dialing portion on the one she had was plastic.
But, to hold that receiver in my hand? Oooo. THIS is a telephone.
It doesn't take pictures, it won't vibrate in my purse, it doesn't play a different tune depending on the caller.
No. It rings. And, one picks it up and says "Hello?"
If one talks on it for too long, it's quite possible that ones arm will grow numb and ones ear will hurt.
My grandma has been gone for 24 years.
But, yesterday I picked up my new old phone and called her.
I still know her number.
She didn't answer.
I'd like to think that she is getting ready to greet her son-in-law, my dad.
My grandma died of a heart attack shortly after my mom underwent a mastectomy.
I was recovering from pneumonia and pleuresy which had gone on for weeks.
It was a rough year, as I recall.
My mom had tried to reach her mom all day, but didn't get an answer.
Since she wasn't able to be out and about yet, my mom sent my dad over in the afternoon to check on her.
He found her lying dead on her bedroom floor.
Presently, I'm finding it comforting to think that grandma is picking up a package of Steenstra's Santa Claus cookies and putting on the coffee.
My dad will be there soon.


MissKris said...

This was so heartwrenchingly beautiful, Judy. Not long after my mom died I had a dream where the Lord allowed her to come back to earth to spend one more day with me. I don't know which hurt worse, losing her the first time or waking up and realizing her 'visit' had only been a dream. I think I can understand how you must've felt when you called your Grandma this time and she wasn't there to answer. But there is so much comfort in knowing loved ones will be there to usher your dad in for his reward. I read something in a book recently about a little girl dying of terminal cancer. When someone asked her if she'd miss her mom and dad when she got to heaven she said, "No because a year in our time is like a minute in God's time. I think on my first day, when I'm getting ready to sit down for lunch, mommy and daddy will be there to eat with me." How precious and how wise a little girl she was! And so I think it will be for us, too.

Pat said...

Such a flood of tears this brings to my eyes. Praying for you.

Karen said...

Judy, I'm praying for you too. This is so beautiful. God bless you.

Echoes From the Hill said...

What a beautiful message. Somehow, it brings me a measure of peace. My mom died this year, and four months later, my beautiful three year old grandson died. It has been a terrible year, but somehow I know my mom had to go, to be there for Carson. Knowing we will all be together some day, makes it a little less difficult.

May God grant you strength and grace to face these difficult days.

Debra said...

Oh dear. My heart goes out to you. Remember when my dad died nearly 2 years ago? Well since then, one of my favorite things to do is imagine him and my grandparents and my aunt and uncle all sitting at a Heaven Cafe enjoying coffee and each other and Jesus. It is so comforting to 'see them' like that. May you experience much comfort in the days to come. Blessings, Debra

Mel said...


Jill said...

I have the same phone, a cast off from dh's aunt a few years ago. And it's in the phone nook that was built with this house in 1937. It's just like my grandma's too, and I agree - now THAT is a phone receiver. Nothing like these slim things today.

I remember my Grandma's number too.