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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visiting Dad

Thank you for your many kind and encouraging comments and emails concerning my dad.
We just returned from a lovely 'visit' with him.
He truly is resting comfortably.

The place where he is staying is so beautiful, I'm sure that if my dad were more aware he would think that he had already died and gone to Heaven.
It is that nice.
I'm not exactly sure where the staff hide their wings, but they are all so kind and caring - to all of us.

During the day, when all of those blinds that are visible are opened, there is a lovely view to a wooded area.

Humming birds visit a feeder near his door.

We are encouraged to make ourselves at home here.
When we first arrived tonight, my dad was a bit restless. They call it terminal restlessness, and because of this they do sedate him.
Kado was a bit restless too.
THGGM gently laid Kado on my dad's chest, and immediately they both relaxed. My dad stopped his restless movements, Kado stopped his fussing. They both laid together with the most incredibly peaceful expressions on their faces. It was amazing. One of those moments when you KNOW beyond all doubt that God is holding us in His very capable hands.
I was able to get some very nice pictures that I know will be meaningful to Kado in the future. I have seen a similar picture of me at about Kado's age, resting on a bed with my great grandpa shortly before he died.
It's been a good day.


MissKris said...

My mother's wish was to die at home and I remember one of those 'restless' days so well as we cared for her. One of my nieces brought the first great-grandchild to visit. My mom was in and out of consciousness at that point but when she opened her eyes and saw Breanna her face just melted and she reached out her arms and said, "Baby!" in such a loving, yearning way. She was so weak at that point, but when we placed Breanna in her arms, both of them were so peaceful and serene together. We didn't get photos, but it's a mental 'snapshot' I'll never forget.

Pat said...

What a beautiful facility, God gives peace in everything, even the hummingbirds.
I can imagine that precious baby, a new life with his great grandpa. It's like an affirmation that life does go on.
I continue to pray for all of you.

Karen said...

What a beautiful place. And such a beautiful, precious moment for Kado and your dad. Still holding you in prayer.

Alaine said...

All of your posts are making me cry these days. Not that I would expect you to do anything other than what you're doing. I am just so in awe of your strength and your faith. You are in my thoughts and prayers often throughout the days.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord.

This post made me cry.



Anvilcloud said...

How touching that he and Kado were able to bring each other a bit of peace.

Debra said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful. Hugs, Debra

daisymarie said...

I love the image of them calming each other. I truly believe that hospice workers have a very special place in heaven.

joyce said...