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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What a Difference Thirty Years Make

These pictures are all from Sunday.
Jonge took this picture of me. He was SO happy that he finally got one that 'looks just like you, Beppe!'
More than anything, I now want to improve my 'tired out old lady look' just to not have him think this is what I look like!
How does this happen? Why, only thirty short years ago I looked positively twenty-one.
Monday I made some comment to Jonge and then remarked that I was weird. His loving response was, "You're not weird, Beppe. Just interesting."

Someday, I am going to get a picture of Kado smiling. He has SUCH a sweet smile!
Just when I think he could not get any sweeter, he does!
Jonge and Famke LOVE to play 'going to work'. Kado and I love it too, because whenever they 'leave' or 'come home' we get kisses, hugs and I love yous.

Kado and my niece's darling little boy are just a few months apart.
He is just four months old and has already had several haircuts and looks just like a little man!

Sunday was a good day for porch sitting.

Today? Not so much. The humidity today brought out a new crop of fleas and we shall be setting off flea bombs very soon.

They do not seem to like me, but THGGM had some rather extreme ideas for getting rid of them, I thought. My suggestion, that he just shave his legs did not go over big.

Let's see..,

In other news, my dad continues to show improvement. When I visited him yesterday he had extremely swollen ankles from having sat up in a chair for too long. I found this shocking, since he has never had that particular symptom before. But, his doctor and cardiologist assured me that he is still moving in the right direction. From the hospital he will have to make a rehab stop at a nursing home. He is SO not happy about that. I'm not convinced that he will be able to live alone anymore, but, that shall remain to be seen.

And, drum roll please, tonight I finished addressing wedding invitations! Of course, Youngest Son still has not gotten the addresses of his friends, so, as his future wife pointed out to me - he may be hand delivering those invitations. She is SO on to him, I see them living a long and happy life together.


daisymarie said...

The years do sneak in. I don't often feel 31 years older, but this woman insists on looking back at me in the mirror. She's pretty tight lipped about where she came from, too!

MissKris said...

I seem to remember Jonge having haircuts very early, too. Such full heads of hair your 'men' have in your family! Kado's going to have to get moving to catch up. Aren't genetics strange? My 3 brothers all had such full, thick hair as young men and I'm pretty sure all 3 are bald now, or very close to it -- I haven't seen one in 17 years now. I had a full, thick head of hair, too, and still have a lot of it. I'm thankful I haven't followed THEIR DNA patterns, hahahaha! Maybe we sent our heat and humidity your way??? We're FINALLY back to the low 80s. Hallelujah! The flea bombs work wonders...we had to use one last year when the fleas were so awful and Chloe dog was plagued with them. We'd walk outside and they'd jump up on our legs from the grass, it was that bad. Poor Dylan is allergic to them and he was covered in bites that swelled up and were so painful. He still has scars on his legs from them.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get your cat a flea collar?