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Friday, September 25, 2009

Excitement for My Friday Morning

When THGGM left for work this morning, I looked at my clock and noticed - nothing.
The power was out.
THGGM remembered hearing a garbage truck roar by, and even that he thought he saw a 'flash'.
He did.

Of course, as well-intentioned as we are, we still do not have cell-phones.
So, no phones. We shall have to remedy this soon. I cannot keep writing posts about how we need to get cell-phones. No.
As you can see in the lower picture yellow tape was tied - very carefully - on to the two wires that were actually dangling in the road. I prefer dangling participles to dangling wires any day.
This of course changed my 'quiet morning at home' plans to even quieter at home plans. I drank my lukewarm coffee and sat by an eastern window reading through my Susan Branch "Autumn" book. Of course I also watched power company workmen do dangerous stuff, like go up in cherry pickers and touch scary high voltage-y things.
I still need to figure out how to open the garage door when there is no power.
Basking in the glow of knowing how to turn off the water to the pretty pink bathroom just isn't enough household knowledge, or so it would seem.
Anyway.., in under two hours it was all back to normal. Except for a large pile of branches on the side of the house.
My trash hauling company is Ever-Kept, with the lovely sub-title "Two Calvin grads putting their degrees to waste" which I find extremely clever. It wasn't them. It was one of the other trash hauling companies. The one that DRIVES TOO FAST.

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Karen said...

I have Susan B's "Autumn" book, too. Lovely. And the Calvin grads slogan is terrific.