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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Picture Old Memories

Found this picture among my dad's belongings.
It's of his parents with their first born.
If you are ever sorting through someone else's pictures, please remember to ALWAYS check BEHIND the pictures in a picture frame.
We haven't done that, yet. I'm just loading all of the framed pictures into a container which we plan to go through when we have our family Christmas party this year.
If we started going through pictures now we would NEVER get the work done.
Anyway.., I never knew my grandma as she passed away just months before I was born.
But I remember my grandpa VERY well. He died when I was eleven. Forty years ago, and I can STILL hear his voice in my head. Especially his prayers. And how he did not ever pronounce his Js even though a large majority of his family had names beginning with J.
Yes. I think I would still answer to what sounded like "Hugh' dy".
Well of course I would answer. He was always passing out chocolate bars. The good kind. My parents insisted that I refuse, but occasionally he would slip them into my pocket.
This is probably why to this day I prefer clothes with pockets.
Also, probably why his diabetes was passed on to me.

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Me said...

wonderful to have these photos and even more wonderful to have these memories...