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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm sure you find this hard to believe, but I just cannot get enough of this boy!


MissKris said...

Such a handsome boy! You know, Judy, I wonder if it's because both Kado and Dylan were born within such a short time of our fathers dying if that's why there's sucha a special bond. Dylan was born only 8 days before my dad died and everyone comments on how we're almost like soul mates, there's such a unique bond. It's not that I love him any more than I do Cooper because I am unable to say I favor one over the other, but Dylan and I have an almost psychic connection...I don't know what else to call it. When one life is ushered in to this world as another one is being prepared to slip out of it...maybe God bestows an extra little something in them.

BTW, did you ever see my little video of myself I posted?? I didn't leave it on very long and you never commented. I still have it and I'll be glad to send it on to you so you can "see me in action" and hear my voice. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much like his big brother! Actually, I think Famke looks a lot like the boys. Cute kids!

Yvonne said...

Your daughter just has the cutest kids around!!! (well, of course I'm thinking my grandkids are in the same category, you know...)