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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Pictures

I spent some time today at my dad's condo waiting for his oxygen equipment to be picked up.
My camera was in my purse, so while I was waiting I took some more pictures of pictures. My plan is still to have them scanned, but I am soooo not a patient person.

My dad is the boy in the middle. My Aunt Margaret was the only sister. Symen, the oldest, is the brother who fell through ice and drown. My dad and Aunt Margaret witnessed that as three and four year olds. It forged a bond between the two of them that was very strong.
I wonder what the three of them are doing now?


Anvilcloud said...

Oh my, that (drowning) was a bit tragic.

Karen said...

What beautiful children. And so sad about the big brother. I'm sure they're all happy to be together again.

Pat said...

My guess would be rejoicing around the throne, or something equally as fun!