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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Is Today on Anybody Home

Today I took about a million pictures.
Or, so it seems.
Here are two of them.
Jonge with Charley, truly, this is a kind boy and a good dog.
NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has ever been as happy to see me as Charley is. I have NO IDEA why. Somedays I just need to be adored, so I go visit Charley.

Famke adores her big brother Jonge.
Since I was shooting pictures all day, I don't really pay much attention as I click away.
Although, I'm sure that if I said "Famke, look adoringly at Jonge", she would not have known what to do.
Uploading all my pictures, I find this one without my having said anything except for maybe "How about standing by a sunflower?"

Yesterday Jonge found a snake in the yard.

A snake.

Are you not all proud of me for venturing out into the yard today, SEVERAL times?

Yes. This is MY kind of weather. Cool, breezy, and with only a slight chance of snakes.


MissKris said...

Where IS the other kid? Hahaha!

Karen said...

Darling pictures. Darling kids!