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Monday, September 28, 2009

Judy Plumbs the Depths

Okay. This is NOT funny.
It was just two weeks ago, also on Monday, when the horrible pretty pink toilet episode happened.
Notice that I am getting rather handy with jimmy-ing toilets.
This time I tied the doo-hickey up with "It's A Boy!" ribbon, and weighted it down with the new doo-hickey purchased recently for repairing the toilet.
Thankfully, nothing flooded. I just happened to hear water running, and was quite certain that I was the only one home.
By following the sound it was easy to ascertain what the problem was.
Or so I thought.
My thought was that THGGM, who worked in this bathroom all weekend - painting the walls, scraping and painting the floor, and installing a new shower head - had simply not correctly fixed the toilet.
But, since talking to him, he assures me that he did NOT touch the toilet. It hasn't worked in almost a year now.
Why, today, did it decide to suddenly turn itself on full blast?
I do not know.
(insert frustrated sound here)

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