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Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage Me

Simply HAD to post again, to push down that picture of the toilet in the post below.
You may think that these are my latest thrift store finds.
If you thought that, you are wrong.
My sister and I spent last evening sorting through things at my dad's condo.
She came across these three vintage Pyrex bowls and the tablecloth.
I do not remember my mom having these.
But, as I am sure you know, I LOVE THEM!!!
And, I did do a fair amount of thrift shopping over the weekend. I've posted about that on my Simply Thrift blog www.simplythrift.blogspot.com


Jacquelyn said...

my mom loves these old pyrex bowls as well...I go for the tablecloths. Reminds me of my little (4'10"?) grandma. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Check out thrift stores, esp. Goodwill, and eventually you will find the large yellow bowl to complete the set. you can also find one on eBay, but that would cost quite a bit more. I have collected sets, a piece at a time for my three daughters, and have two sets myself.
Yours are more special because they belonged to your parents.
Cute tablecloth.

Me said...

Oooh - I would be delighted too...