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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nearly Fearless Famke

Famke has such an innocent look about her.

Today she seemed afraid of something, and kept approaching me with uplifted hands saying "Up!" Of course, that all ended when I picked up Kado and proceeded to feed him his bottle. THEN all fear was pushed aside as she ascended the steps, then stopped at the very top to turn around.

She also thought it was great sport to stick her limbs through the rails. Notice that I am MUCH closer in THESE pictures.
That happened after she removed her sweater, and as Jonge tried to get her to put it back on she kept inching closer to the top of the steps in her desire to avoid him by backing up.

What is it with two year olds and their great fear of dead bugs, but NO FEAR at all to balancing precariously on high things?

Today, I could actually HEAR what is left of my hair turning grey.


MissKris said...

I think that's why my white hair just gets snowier and snowier...my grandboys are fearless and relentless when it comes to pursuing ANYTHING that catches their interest!!! I am amazed that Dylan is doing so well walking beside the stroller now. I was terrified he'd dash in to traffic -- and he still might, he's rather unpredictable -- but I've pointed out enough dead squirrels, cats, and birds that I think he's got a healthy -- or is that morbid?! - fear of getting hit by a car. Whatever, I ask the Lord to protect us every time we go out. Famke is a little girl after my own heart, tho. Having grown up with 3 brothers, I was fierce and fearless trying to keep up with the older two.

daisymarie said...

I don't get that irrational fear business either. I'm catching up with the gray, too....sigh