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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yes. Yes it is Tuesday.
Let's see.., what's new in my corner of the world?
I'm still trying to figure out my camera.
THGGM has hung mirrors all over the house, which is how I happened to catch a picture of myself trying to figure out my camera.
For the past several days, what I've mostly been doing is trying to 'break in' my shoes for Youngest Son's wedding.
Maybe it would have been wiser to just have REALLY sore feet on Saturday.
But, no. I'm going for really really sore feet everyday this week.
Lest I seem TOO whine, it's really only one foot that is sore. But, it's not such a good idea to walk around wearing just one high heeled shoe.
Next up will be practicing putting on panty hose. I HATE them. But, THGGM has decreed that I MUST wear them. And, I did promise myself that I would wear them to the weddings of all three of my children. Then, NEVER AGAIN.
In just two more days it will be THGGM's birthday! We are having a BIG dinner! Well actually, it's called a rehearsal dinner and he will be paying for it - but I'm excited about it anyway!
Yesterday I went for my annual eye doctor's appointment. Of course, it had been almost five years since I've gone. Time sure does fly when you are well on your way to getting very old. I went because my dad told me that I had too, and I promised him that I would. My distance vision was still about the same but my close up vision was awful. I knew that already. The doctor wants me to REALLY REALLY try to get used to my progressive bi-focals. He recommended a different kind, but even with my insurance, it would have cost three hundred dollars to go that route. SO, my next option will be to have two pair of glasses, one for distance and one for reading. Just for fun I should probably learn to read braille now.
Today I had a wonderful time with Jonge and Famke (pictures in the post below). After naps we played outside. It was very cool and pleasant in their backyard. Kado had a change in his formula. He cried. He NEVER cries, so it was sad. It only lasted a few minutes, but when he sticks his bottom lip out? Oh, my. It just breaks my heart.
Oh. And being the stubborn person that I am, I do not want to turn the heat on until October. It's still a balmy 62 in here, which shall be great for sleeping!
I'm reading a biography about the Alcott's. Interesting stuff. I'm learning a lot about Transcendentalists. And had you heard that Master Piece Theatre is doing a piece on Louisa May Alcott? I believe it is going to be on December 28. I'd look it up for you if I wasn't so tired. Google it. There were some nice trailers on the website.
So, I think that when I'm done with the biography I shall re-read Little Women. And then maybe Little Men. And while I'm at it, The Eight Cousins.
Did I mention that I love fall? I LOVE fall! Really really!


MissKris said...

Hey, it's a balmy 64 in my house! I'm afraid to even look at my thermostat because I'm beginning to wonder if our old furnace is even still capable of cranking on. But I'm waiting until tomorrow to find out, too. And it IS a good temp for sleeping...doesn't even hurt to have the bedroom window cracked open, too. And I too HATE panty hose. My skirts are long enough I can even sneak getting away without any for church, HA!

Anonymous said...

I'm in northern Colorado, and it is in the low sixties in my house, too. I also vowed that I wasn't going to turn the heat on until October. It might freeze tonight, so thank goodness tomorrow is October!
You can get used to progressive lenses. It takes a while, but you can do it. Going down stairs is the scariest! Do you have a "Doctor's Vision Works, or "Americas Best" there? The prices are much lower there.
Tomorrow, out come the October decorations.

Marguerite said...

The last time I wore panty hose was my son's wedding over ten years ago. Now, as far as I'm concerned, they're in the same category as girdles and corsets - the "out of the question" category.