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Monday, September 21, 2009

Project Accomplished!

The nine framed bird prints are hung!
The only really frustrating part was when THGGM realized that even though HE had measured and marked EVERYTHING correctly, mass-produced inexpensive frames do not have their back hangers fussed about. That's where he ran into a bit of trouble. But, being us and all that, he hung them anyway with a sigh and an "Oh, well!"
And, I have to admit, it doesn't look too bad!

He also used a 50% off Michael's Craft store coupon to buy the vinyl quote that he put on the fire place. It's a Thomas Hood quote. One with which our hearts agree!
And soon I will be re-doing all of my paper 'candles' this way! Ripped and pulled just a bit and tied with a ribbon. SO unbelievably easy, and it looks MUCH better than my first few attempts!
Now. Next on my list - finish writing "Thank-You's".
I need a call button that I can push and yell - "I've fallen behind and I can't catch up!"
Hmm. Now THERE'S a thought!


Karen said...

It all looks beautiful, Judy!

Jacquelyn said...

oh how very beautiful! wow, you are SO talented!