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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shower for Soon To Be Daughter-in-law Two

Today was the day and my home was the setting for a bridal shower for Youngest Daughter-in-law to be.
I think I managed to get a picture of everyone in attendance.
Youngest Niece is on the left.
The bride to be is on the right.

Oldest Sister came all the way from Kalamazoo.
Oldest Niece came from Indiana.
We are a devoted family!

We can be a bit over-whelming at times. Hopefully we were not too scary for Youngest Daughter-in-law to be and her sister and mom.

On the right is Middle Niece. She is NOT wearing a flowered dress. No. That would be the center piece on the coffee table.
Famke LOVED the shower. There was CANDY.
Peanuts and candy corn.
Daughter had to ration the candy. Famke is a serious candy fan.

And, cake.
There was cake, too.
And other delicious food too numerous to mention!

On the left is Youngest Daughter-in-law to be's mom.
In the middle is Older Sister and her first grand child, Great-Nephew.
Oldest Daughter-in-law is on the right!

And, we even let a boy come to our shower!
Great Nephew.
He is six months old, and a BIG bundle of joy!
The wedding is less than two weeks away!
I am SOOO excited!
(can you tell?)

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