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Friday, September 18, 2009

Working On a Project

I do not have the time to be doing this now, but, I am.
THGGM has been helpful. By helpful I mean that he is saying helpful things like, "Are you done yet?"
The entire thing was his idea. Actually, it was sort of my idea a looooong time ago, but with different pictures, smaller frames, local non-exotic birds, etc.
But, tonight, when he noticed that I ALMOST went stark raving bonkers about the whole thing, he stepped in with his manly tape measure and lined up everything as close to perfect as we get around here.
Presently, all nine of them have been properly framed and are laying on the living room floor while we adjust the grid.
Now, if we can just get them to all hang properly.
Oh, and there's the question of should we or should we not put things in front of them, and maybe we should have gone with twelve instead of nine...
The nine frames were on sale last week at Michael's. $3.99 a piece. The paper, also on sale for .49 is from Martha Stewart and is called bamboo. The book of famous bird artists was a .50 thrift find. The most expensive single item was the tacky spray adhesive.
Now, here's hoping that it WORKS. Even if it only looks somewhat like what I have in my head, I'll be pleased.
But if they are all crookedy and wonky looking, I just may melt down. Again.


MissKris said...

I feel your pain. But they'll look stunning if they do hang right. Fingers crossed for ya!

Me said...

they are gorgeous - i would be obsesses too.