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Monday, November 09, 2009

Feeling Wantsy

This is an AGA range with the popular Emma Bridgewater motif.
I'm not often overwhelmed with "wantsy-ness", but I REALLY want an Aga range and I'd REALLY like the Emma Bridgewater spotty dishes.
Really really.
I don't necessarily want to COOK with it. I just want to sit at my kitchen table and LOOK at it.
Then I got to thinking, just how difficult could it be to PAINT SPOTS on my flat top electric stove?
It couldn't be THAT hard, could it?


Karen said...

I have never heard of Emma Bridgewater. And now I've gone and checked out the website and found a whole new collection of dishes to drool over.

daisymarie said...

Really? It's cute and I love the actual stove, but I'm afraid the novelty of the spots would wear off for me. I do undestand the battle with the wantsies.

Jacquelyn said...

you are kidding aren't ya, Pat? HA HA HA