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Monday, November 09, 2009

Just a Few Minutes Left of Monday

After a weekend of being so tired I could barely move (i'm having issues with some weird sort of joint/muscle pain that renders me useless) I was wondering just how I would cope with three happy little energetic people today.

But, I had a LOVELY day! DiL2 (second daughter-in-law) came in the morning to play with her nephews and niece which made EVERYBODY happy! After she left it was lunch time, then nap time, and then Jonge and Famke woke up in time to see mommy when she came for lunch.

I had spent almost all of Saturday sorting through toys (i have more toys now than i did when my kids were this age). THGGM and I made a quick trip to Walmart for three three drawer storage units so now things are nicely stored and much easier for Jonge and Famke to find and put away. This made THGGM happiest of all, as children's toys all over the place causes him to break out in a hard case of ill-at-ease, and possibly an itchy rash also.

The above video is a short spot of the 'game' we played today. It's great fun if you aren't bothered by spit splattering across your dining room table. It involves blowing cotton balls with straws. We advanced to fake leaves and paper towel because they were close at hand. For some reason, Famke REFUSED to play. Her face at the very end of this video is SOOO Famke. I see that face a lot lately.

I gave Kado the day off from having his picture taken. He had three long naps today, and when he was awake he was a snuggle-y ball of hungry cuteness.

It's my goal to stay out of thrift stores until next year. It will take me at least until January to put away the stuff I already have. I'll make exceptions if I realize there is something that I simply MUST have. But, I know that the thrift stores are FULL of Christmas decor and I have a very hard time saying no to those.

Of course, I could sell off some of what I have that I no longer want, but then I would need to no longer want it, which doesn't seem to be happening.

So there you go, that was my Monday. How was yours?

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MissKris said...

Ha! We have the same problem in our house when it comes to toys. I finally purged the toy bins the past couple of weeks and gave a bunch to a nice young Hispanic couple in the neighborhood whose little boy ranges in age between my two. It's ME that breaks out in a bad case of ill-at-ease...chaotic clutter drives me nuts. I used to chase after my own kids, picking up all day long. At least I've relaxed with the grandboys...or is it that I've run out of energy?! Hahaha! My Monday was nice...our whole household is getting over bad colds and the boys and I were actually feeling much better yesterday. No walks...waaaay too much rain and runny noses.