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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alrighty Then

Hmm. This is not what I set out to do today.


I actually sat down with yarn and a crochet hook, planning to make some fingerless mittens.

After many monotonous rows it lost its allure, and I proceeded to attempt twisting it into a flower.

That didn't work.

Then I remembered my thrifted wool blanket and gave that a twirl.

Those results were better.

I tried to make leaves by cutting three leaving the tops attached, but then I made a few tucks, rounded the tips and liked how it looked as a flower.

Ooooh. Then I remembered that I had retrieved a wool blazer and a pair of wool pants that THGGM was bringing to the thrift store.

What was nice about the blazer? It had interfacing which kept it from fraying. This was a nice bonus.

Only the flower pieces have been sewn.

The leaves are just sitting there while I try to decide whether I should sew them, glue them, add a pin back or what.

Usually, this means that sometime before Christmas next year I will open up a box and there will be all of THIS and I'll have a vague memory of this day and wonder about my sanity.

I DO like them.

I'm just not sure exactly what I could do with them.

Now I'm sort of wishing that I had stuck with the fingerless mittens. At least I would know what to do with those.

These things just came about.

Cutting up a wool blazer is FUN. There is lining and buttons and pockets and, oh, those pocket flaps are fabulous!

Made a really cute hat and collar for a croquet ball.
She looked lonely, so I plunked a wrist pin cushion on another croquet ball and now she has a slim friend.

Seriously. I need to find ONE hobby - ONE - and then stick with it.

Anyway.., I had a fun day. I always feel better when I'm making something.


daisymarie said...

You are amazing. I love the flowers and the spool people are adorable. The couple reminded me of Jack Spratt...

Buddy said...

You could make a quilt and attach the flowers to the center of every other square in a sort of checkered pattern.

Karen said...

I'm amazed by your creativity. Your projects are so unique. I love the flowers. You could make them into pins.

tenthingsfarm said...

LOVE the flowers! love them! Love the pilgrims too!