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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Times

Last weekend, as I sorted and resorted children's toys and wondered how I ended up with more toys for these three than my three ever had, I had NO IDEA what a hit it would be.

I added no new toys. Just regrouped a few and put them in somewhat see-through drawers for easier access.

Well, today they made many REdiscoveries.
The wig was one of them. I'm not sure if you recall how difficult it is to get a two year old to comply to your wishes, but Famke NEVER wants to do what I think would be 'darling'.

But, she discovered the wig on her own.
Oh, did she EVER know that she was cute! I knew she would be, but I hadn't much proof as she isn't as motivated to impress ME as I am to impress HER.

Jonge even removed his Bob-the-Builder hat long enough to put it on. Oh. And the pink gloves? Those are his work gloves.

I cannot begin to tell you just how hard it was not to plop the wig on Kado. But, apparently his head has no desire for hair so I thought it best not to get his hopes up. Daughter and Youngest Son had soft fuzzy heads like Kado's and they have plenty of very nice hair now.

And in that above picture of Famke? If you are wondering what was SO FUNNY? She is shrieking with delight, "I'm Beppe!"
Nice to know I'm good for a deep belly laugh every once in a while.


Pat said...

It's amazing how much fun a wig can be, although it wasn't much fun when the curly hair piece I had on top my head wanted to take flight on a windy day...coming out of church.
My kids as babies had the same "do" as Kado, I love that look on babies!!

MissKris said...

I periodically sort thru the toy bins and set a sack or two aside in the basement...then bring out the 'new' toys a few months later. Isn't it amazing how they all seem like newfound treasure when you bring them out?

We played Fire Engine yesterday...sitting on the couch surrounded by the 9 back cushions of our couch with me 'driving' and the boys along for the ride, stopping at Wendy's for a chicken burger and pop along the way to the beach where we built sand castles and ran in to the surf. Never moving from the couch, mind you. I give Dylan a thought and he takes off on it! Isn't 'pretend' great?! I may be almost 56 physically but I can pretend with a 3 year old like I'm still there myself.

How did we ever survive before grandchildren, Judy?

Jacquelyn said...

Look at those eyelashes on Famke!!!!

Awesome photo!