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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a Bit about Today

I'm finding it difficult to believe that TOMORROW is Thanksgiving. Wasn't it just Thanksgiving yesterday? Seems like it to me.
And, a MONTH from today is Christmas? I'm more ready for Christmas this year than any previous years, so I am not complaining. To sooth myself I've been sitting at the piano playing through Christmas music. Such fun. I'd rather do that than bake.
Which reminds me, I shall be baking today. Cornbread for THGGM's stuffing, pecan pies (an incredibly simple recipe actually) and pumpkin rolls.
Presently, my kitchen is in need of a complete cleaning before I begin.
I had this idea (having ideas is a reoccurring dilemma for me) that I would wrap my new empty boxes of tree lights with off-white textured wallpaper I thrifted a few years ago. So, I did that. They looked great. But a touch too plain. SOooo, I wrapped glittery ribbons around them and made an attempt at bows. They do look plenty good enough, but I wrapped them at my primitive wooden kitchen table, which is now harbouring teeny tiny bits of bronze colored glitter in every nook, cranny, crack, dent, and what-have-you. Since I do not think that glittery pumpkin rolls will be a hit at dinner tomorrow, I must get to it.
And, I'm also hoping to update my Simply Thrift blog (www.simplythrift.blogspot.com). Everything was half price yesterday at Valueland, and I did manage to spent $4.59 there. It was hard though, as I got there after the sale had been going on all day.
My dad's funeral was three months ago today. While shopping at Valueland yesterday, I came across a few of his things that we had donated there. It was weird. Actually, what is even more weird is that he probably bought them there in the first place.
Running through my head today will be Bing Crosby singing "I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For" from Holiday Inn. Maybe we'll have time to watch that tonight. That is, if I get that baking done...
Happy Thanksgiving from Judy at Anybody Home!


Karen said...

I like hearing your decorating ideas, you're so creative. I also like the idea of kitchen tree. Hmmm, where would I put one?

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy.

MissKris said...

A blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to you from our house to yours, Judy. Your friendship is one of the things in my life I am so very, very thankful for. God bless you.