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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last Week Thursday

Ah, yes. Last week Thursday we were in Wisconsin visiting with the bestest relatives anyone could have. Truly.

We went out for breakfast, shopped in Greendale (home of Taste of Home), shopped for spices at Penzey's and had dinner at Old Country Buffet. After dinner my aunt was able to identify some of the 'unknown' people in the pictures from the treasure box I found under the guestroom bed at my dad's condo.

And this week Thursday?

This week Thursday I drank WAY too much coffee and had a banana for breakfast. I spent the morning chatting with Youngest Son and getting dizzy.

By this time (1:13 pm) I am extremely dizzy and on my way to the couch.

Hopefully, this dizzy feeling will pass and I will corral four HUGE piles of crafty junk into two large boxes and transfer them to the basement.

Except for the chat with Youngest Son, I enjoyed last Thursday better.


Karen said...

Is that Taste of Home magazine? I love their publications. I switched to their light cooking magazine, but who am I kidding:-)?

Anvilcloud said...

I've only player charades a few times in my life. On the first occasion, I tried to act out "dizzy blonde" -- to no avail. Apparently, I never got over it because I still remember. Hopefully, you're well over your dizzy spell by now.