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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Add This to This to This and Get This

Hmm. I just uploaded these pictures and realized that I MEANT to put them on my Simply Thrift blog.
Oh, well.
This just goes to show how exceptionally tired I am today. Can't blame it on the sun not shining, because it is!
So, to the left is a small pedestal dish I picked up long ago for a dollar.
On the right is a clear glass dome I recently purchased for about the same. I forget exactly.

A few weeks ago I found the 1980 Holly Hobbie

Today I was photographing some of my recent finds and stacked a few things. Hmmm. That gave me the idea to put these three totally unrelated things together (i like putting totally unrelated things together, otherwise things get inbred and disturbing looking).

And, I LIKE it!
Now, I'm envisioning them as winter decor. I know I have small white figure skates somewhere, and someone must have a muff and a green and white scarf.
(i know. i know. i need help.)


Rita said...

This is lovely. How creative you are to put these things together so beautifully.

MissKris said...

How very pretty!