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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mid-December Musings

It has to be frustrating to be Famke who knows EXACTLY what she wants to do but lacks the language skills to bring it down to the level at which I can understand her.

Anyway.., on with my musings...

My sister came by today. We had a lovely time. We went out to lunch and to the thrift store. Since I carry a Coach purse which never has any money in it, she bought lunch. I happily spent more of my Christmas gift certificate at the thrift store - this time on a denim blue corduroy jacket. LOVE it. Oh, and more 25 cent baggies of plastic animals. The fun we shall have with those!

I'm having such a difficult time going to the nursing home alone. But, going with my sister was great! My mom looked very happy to see us and we had a delightful visit, and managed to avoid Bingo. I do not like Bingo.

It's a struggle to believe that Christmas Day is only one week away. Ours will be very low-key this year. We celebrated with our kids on St. Nicholas Eve. Of course, those in town for the holiday will be here for brunch. Then, on Sunday it will be my family's Christmas party, here. I'm looking forward to that.

This year I started early reading my favorite Christmas books and watching my favorite videos. I still have more to go, but I'm finding it so much more enjoyable spread out. I'm also reading "Little Women". It's been a very long time since I've read it. I'm picking up more 'new' stuff then I thought I would.

My December resolution has been to get eight hours of sleep a night. So far, I've done that for a week. I've also given up my two afternoon mugs of coffee. I still feel tired. Oh, well. I guess I can't expect to feel 21 at 51. Or, can I?

This year I have seriously curtailed my cookie making. I have GOT to accept the fact that I am diabetic and if I want to go on living I'm going to have to STOP EATING THINGS LOADED WITH BAD CARBS. As is my usual story, I do great all day, and in the evening I'm so tired I don't seem to care whether or not I live to see the light of another day.

Soon, hopefully VERY soon, I shall have my work space all set up in the basement. I'm getting excited for this. We are waiting on a new toilet, and then it should be possible to spend time down there with the grandchildren, who will have their own workspace down there too. Hopefully, they will enjoy that.

THGGM will have the first week of January off. He has plans to get the first floor of my parent's condo painted so that it can be put up for sale.

I'm happily looking forward to January and a NEW YEAR. I will admit that this year has worn me to a frazzle.

A frazzle, I tell you.


Mary Ann said...

I love the video of Famke. She is adorable!!!

Jeanie said...

Your video was very cute. It is so fun to hear them when they are learning to talk. One of my grandaughters will be two in January and she talks a lot...long sentences, but she leaves the first letter off of a lot of words so you have to know the code to get what she is saying.

Marguerite said...

This year has worn me to a frazzle as well. I hope and pray next year is going to be better, but I'm too frazzled to imagine it.

Still, there is much to be thankful for. You are certainly blessed having your grandchildren to keep you smiling. I enjoy sharing in your fun secondhand.

Thanks for sharing your year on this blog. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

MissKris said...

A frazzle? Oh, it's worn me to...well, I don't think there's been a word created yet that describes it, ha! But it's worth it. I'll be 56 in a few days, Judy, so I'm hearing you. I'm telling you, girl...Jonge and Dylan are two of a pair. You gotta go see "Looney Land" and you'll see what I mean. These boys have imagination! No light sabers in our house, sadly. But I picked up a plastic pirate sword for 99 cents on a trip to the thrift store a while back and that's been a definite favorite. I love your Merry Christmas blocks on the mantel, btw. Aren't we both just the most-blessed Grandmas in the world?!?

Karen said...

I love hearing Famke's voice. I should have taped my kids' voices more when they were little.

You've had quite a year, Judy. I hope that 2010 brings you more peace;)