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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Seriously. I Mean SERIOUSLY.

If you read here much you may remember the story about my telling my dad that I'd like to see a hawk close up.
And, how since his death that has happened.
Today I was sitting at my computer in the kitchen catching up on some things.
I heard what sounded like a knock at my front door. NOBODY uses our front door. It's on a main street, and our driveway is off of a side street. Everything and everyone comes to that door.
So, I sat here in my pajama-clad condition and wondered if I really wanted to see who was at my door.
I could not see anyone, so I got closer to see if maybe a package had been left there.
As I looked out, what should I see standing on my front porch, but a hawk!
Now, I fully understand that they are not rare, or even unusual in these parts. But, I have lived here for over two years, constantly looking at birds, and I have NEVER seen one here.
This one stayed standing on the porch long enough for me to grab my camera. Of course, taken through beveled glass, the video was not clear. But, it enabled me to see where the hawk landed in a tree across the street. It's resting on a branch right under the word 'hawk'.


Pat said...

That's a lot of Hawk sightings...I enlarged your photo and saw it..right under the word "hawk". Cool. I know it's not cool to say the word cool, but I'm to old to think of anything else, like maybe groovy.

Karen said...

I'm going to say cool, too. And awesome. The year my mom passed, we were all (my brothers and their families and mine and my dad) gathered at one of my brother's homes for Thanksgiving. We were out in the pasture, the kids riding horses and the rest of us just watching and talking, all together. A hawk came and just hovered over all of us for the longest time. It was so incredible, none of us could speak. I know that they're common to the area we were in. But, still, the timing and the sense of awe that we all felt. I still get chills thinking about that day.

Jeanie said...

A gift from your Dad, for sure. My mother died when I was young, over 40 years ago, and I still think of it as a wink from her every time I find a penny.