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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, Charley

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Melissa said...

Fun little story.

Anonymous said...

Best. photograhpher. evah.

(and talented story spinner too.)


Anonymous said...

looks like a dandelion, Judy, and if it is one, did not see the leaves, examine whole plant before eating! you should know it really smells sweet, ask the bees. Go/ogle for dandelion honey recipes, I made four jars, it is delicious and smelling like honey. Must learn to make photo's half as good as you do, then learn a whole lot more.

Anonymous said...

In your garden one will not find another thing of absolute beauty. Search for : Groninger babyhuisje uit het Marnegebied". It is in Dutch, but I think the picture talks for itself. one picture and thousand words thing. This was invented by a Groninger P.D. who wanted children to be outside as much as possible and not in a pram unwatched. Prams at farms or with the mother working on the land as a labourer were thought dangerous because of accidents while unwatched. Older babies crawled out of them, dogs or calves ran them over, cats or yuk rats went to sleep in them, the last ones nibbling at the babe! and bees and wasps flew in. The P.D. designed the wooden *housey" which could be turned to keep out wind and rain, the roof is covered rainproof, or sun, the baby gets fresh air while being tucked up or not according to temperature and out of all harm. I know one was presented to then Princes Beatrix, do not know if she used it. I did not have one, but my babyboy managed at 4 months to nearly roll out of the pram and I really wanted to have a babyhuisje before he was born, but whole gamily of in-laws against, including dear HB. Babyboy was very early with everything, turning himself on his belly at two days old (second son exactly the same! born to be bellyslepers, now much discouraged, but they could turn over themselves on their back too) and two teeth within an hour appearing at age 4 months. the teeth came with a high fever and out of nowhere, so to speak. Not saying you should order one but they really are handy for doting grandma's with next year four grandchildren playing and one baby on the list. Hurrah for the fence(builders).

Janie Fox said...

just when I think it can''t get cuter...here comes the adorable dog. Love these pictures. Haha and he ate it! Too funny.