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Friday, September 16, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

One, two, three, four, and soon to be five!

Tonight THGGM and I got to watch a five minute DVD of our FIFTH grandchild!

She is absolutely beautiful!

Yes! A GIRL!

Hopefully she will arrive sometime in early February.

A bright blue snowless day would be nice.

These guys were all VERY excited too.

Finally. A cousin. And another girl.

Oh. And I just thought I'd show you a picture of Kado in action. He has a fantastic arm. See that ball in the air? It hit me in the arm, and left a bruise. Hopefully I shall learn not to take pictures AND attempt to catch a baseball at the same time. But I DO love pictures of things flying through the air.


MissKris said...

I think Kado and Cooper would be bosom buddies. When Cooper gets to running his legs are like little pistons in action, lol! And he LOVES to play baseball. I can not believe how quiet it is around here without the grandboys's daily visits. Cooper's come by a time or two with Grandma Ursula but he's just not quite the same without Dylan. But hopefully, Lord willing, the kids' and Dylan will be touching down at Metro Detroit before too long and will make it home safely.

Janie Fox said...

Congrats! How exciting for all of you!!

My Vintage Blankie said...

Sounds wonderful! Congratulations.

daisymarie said...

Yay! Another princess! And, boy does that boy have an arm! Love the midair shot.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, Judy and family. A new girl to acquint with, a new personality to meet. February is the most special month to be born in. I know, I did.

Melissa said...

God is blessing you hugely!! Congratulations...another girl!! Finally - yeah for Famke.

Cool, cool, cool photos.