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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Takes Pictures of Grapes

Does it really matter what kind of camera one has?
It seems that if there is sufficient light, it is all that is needed.

While Famke and Kado feasted on the grapes, I took pictures of the light shining through them.

Several vines have grown into a very tall evergreen tree.

I spent a good part of our outdoor time just looking at the clusters of grapes dangling twenty feet over my head.

September is beautiful.

When I left the house today I noticed that I only had two charged batteries. So I took my old camera. The one that has been dropped so many times it has pieces falling off of it.

Seriously. All one needs is light.


MissKris said...

And such beautiful pictures they are, Judy! I feel so blessed to live here this year and experience a full-fledged Fall for the first time in my life.

Karen said...

This is beautiful, Judy. Just beautiful.

MissKris said...

It's because I love you, Judy, and I just KNOW we'll be friends when we get the chance to meet. I just know it.