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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Kado

Not quite warm enough for water play yesterday.
But Kado remains ever hopeful.
He is, after all, wearing his Ladder 24 shirt.
And his sister's shoes.
On the wrong feet no less.

Yesterday I passed him in the tight hallway and heard him say, "Birdy going night-night."
I was holding a sleeping baby at the time on my way to put him to bed and replied with the Beppe standard of "OOooh."

Today I passed by and noticed a tiny salt-shaker bird resting peacefully on an ear-ache size rice pillow.

I'm not sure where either of them came from. But they are still there.
Just because Kado is sweet, and two, and the birdy is going night-night.


Janie Fox said...

that is so sweet. I love his shoe picture. It reminds me of someone? haha

Anonymous said...

What do you mean about his shoes? To my eyes the left shoe is on the right foot, right? So, maybe only one shoe is on the wrong foot? Do not start an argument about this, because: the right shoe is on the left foot, so, what is wrong about that? ;-) See, two times right must be right! The verification plays along, walkies without the W.

Mary said...

Aww, too sweet. Love that picture with his pink shoes on the wrong feet. Priceless!!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

oh that is SO sweet. I just love age 2!

Rebecca said...

Kado IS sweet and the birdy did go "Night-night"!