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Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday's Craft

Jonge and I made these leafy trees from coffee filters dyed with food coloring.

We HAD to do this since almost all of the trees in our yard still have green leaves. It IS fall, isn't it?

Famke crafted with us, but she didn't want to follow OUR plan. Famke marches to a different drummer. I would post a picture of her art work, but it didn't photograph well. Famke experiences great joy from cutting 3x5 cards into teeny-tiny triangles and rectangles barely visible to the naked eye. But it gives her much happiness, which seems to me to be what art should do!
Maybe soon I can post a picture of our newly painted/wallpapered bathroom. Tomorrow I'm making a sink skirt and a window valance out of a length of blue and white ticking I found in my stash in the basement. At least that's the plan.
It's always good to have a plan, you know.


Melissa said...

So pretty - it is such a satisfying project, isn't it.

Kira liked to do the same thing as Famke (well she used scrap paper that Tim brought home from work but she liked to cut things into miniscule bits too).

Melissa said...

I think Kira must be one of your grandkids she shares so many similarities with them.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Coffee filters...who knew what the mind could conceive to use to make ART.
Jonge did......GREAT!