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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Months. Two. Oh My.

Only TWO months until Christmas!
What are you doing on the computer?
Get busy!


Mary said...

Judy, that thought hit me this morning when I saw Tuesday Oct. 25 on the calendar. I do not have one single thing bought or made for Christmas. Sigh..... Those cookies look yummy!

Janie Fox said...

I have so much going on in November I am afraid it will be Dec. 1st before I know it. I better get cracka lacking.

Judy said...

Did I fail to mention that this picture is from last year?

Mitzi said...

Where do you get your energy? You are so lovingly involved in your grandchildren's lives. And it is obvious that you have a very creative side. Don't you ever get tired? Do you ever just languish and not do anything? Help-send me some of your ambition!!

Tournesol said...

Oh gosh, I'm already seeing Christmas decorations out in the stores and panicking a little!

Anonymous said...

dear Judy, we just heard on the news about the snowstorms in the North East of America, especially Pennsylvania. Now, I know, it is a large state, but 16 inches of snow and electricity outage, I hope you and your dear ones are safe and well prepared. If it has not reached you, please take care and stuff some easy to prepare food away. I wish everybody who is involved with those storms and maybe hurt by them, well.