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Sunday, November 27, 2011

So I've Started in the Living Room

I'm rather fond of pine cones. Oh, and white vases and pitchers. And don't forget to note the four chamber pots on the wire shelf. Of course my 'new' ironstone pitcher has been worked in.

The ribbon on the lamps came from a small shop in Sutton's Bay. Such a pretty hand dyed color! And now there are two matching McCoy swans. The second one was found at my favorite antique mall in Elk Rapids. Even while on vacation in June I see "Christmas" in my minds eye. The swans have seam binding tied around their necks.

The mirror, the pair of lamps, just about everything on the mantle came from thrift stores. The wreath was $3.50. When I saw it in October I was already envisioning how it would look over the fireplace. The vase in the middle is a McCoy vase that used to belong to THGGM's grandmother.
Someday the lighting in this room might agree with taking a good picture, but for now just use your imagination. Oh, and imagine a fire. It looks sooo nice with a fire!


Janie Fox said...

I love it. Now imagine me sitting in there. Now imagine bringing me coffee.

Anonymous said...

Judy, you might think magazines inspire you for Christmas decorating. Ever thought about how many people you inspire with your decorations, now and in general? Maybe you even inspire magazines. It is surely possible, More then 40 years ago I made dried flower arangements on slotted sleeves, the old fashioned enamel ones with small holes, never seen them before or after, till five years ago, a big store started selling them, exactly the way I made them for friends. For a good friend I wrote a small poem to congratulate her with the birth of her first son. Imagine my joy (and frustration, honestly, the firm could have thanked me) when she got a birth anouncement,printed and sold by a large firm, like hal.m and the sender found it, poem and all, in the to choose from folder, exactly like mine, only the words yours changed into our. Well, at least I have one poem in print now, like my comments to you, anonymous;-)

daisymarie said...


Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi Judy! I'm trying to get back into blogland...I've missed my friends! I've been looking for some Christmas spirit with the bad news we got this month and all...and coming over here for a visit is helping! What you did with your mantle is awesome!!! I definitely think you should send a photo to some magazines!! I've always loved Christmas decorating too and I just made a decision last night that I need to carry on as much normalcy in my life as possible. We are planning to start decorating today. Perhaps I will do a more simple theme this year...but the season brings me such joy and I can use a dose of that right now! I love the pics of your grandson in the elusive thumb post! Adorable!!!

Tournesol said...

Your mantle is beautiful! I love pinecones too so pretty

Nana Mari said...

Wow!! Just beautiful! How warm and inviting, and a feast for the eyes!