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Monday, December 19, 2011


Had a WONDERFUL day with the grandkids until a migraine struck. Thankfully, they are such kind children that I didn't have much trouble at all. Except that they are loud. Not unusually loud, but loud for someone with a migraine. Actually, it wasn't even them as much as their dog with the clickity-clackity toenails. I brought along some projects for us to do and we had already done them before the migraine hit. That's a blessing! Tonight, since I wasn't up to much else, THGGM and I watched "White Christmas". Very soothing on a sore head.


Tournesol said...

I can't beleive it's only 6 days till Christmas! Hopefully your migraine's gone by morning.

Janie Fox said...

Six, oh craps five now. I hope you are better today. How is it my week of total relaxation I had planned is not happening?